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Day 32

As much as I would like to stay here for a few more days to recover, I am driven to get back to work I cannot let my comfort keep me from doing what I can to stop these mobs and rescue as many people as possible. ┬áSo back to the nether I go. I… Read more »

Day 31

I got up this morning and can barely move I think every part of my body hurts the mobs in the Nether really did a number on me. I can’t believe I will have to go back there. I think I will give myself a little time to recover. I spoke to some friends of… Read more »

Day 30

I have yet to find a fortress. This place is really hot and really lonely. I have gathered a lot of the Netherack which is what passes for dirt here, I am using it to make a bridge across the lava so I can find a fortress. This place seems to be all lava. I… Read more »

Day 29

I woke up this morning and it dawned on me that I have lava in my cobble generator that I can use to make the last of the obsidian I need to get to the nether. So today I will be leaving for the nether shortly. This time I am going to tell people where… Read more »

Days 27-28

So I haven’t written in a couple of days, but after my adventure in the mine I decided to take a couple of days to recover. I was so tired I slept from my last entry till the next morning so half of the day and all night. I woke up famished because I slept… Read more »