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Day 19

So today I am leaving the mansion. I really hate that I wasted so much time finding this and it did not help me at all. I will never forget this journey though and all the people I have met along the way. Oh well time to head home and start working on going to… Read more »

Day 18

I am excited and nervous both this morning. I camped outside the mansion last night, and am fixing to go inside. I have heard the stories about these places I hope at least part of them are not true. This could be really dangerous, but I will never know till I go in and check… Read more »

Day 17

I just found something amazing. I am in a mesa, and just found a minshaft that is partially on the surface. I decided to go inside and see what goodies are in there. The mineshaft was not very large, but it had a lot of gold ore so that was worth the stop. I found… Read more »

Day 16

I must not be the first person to travel here it seems like every day I keep finding villages. They were very nice to me. The landscape continues to flip back and forth between desert and lake or sea. I am back in my boat again. Wow this was a long boat ride we found… Read more »

Day 15

I am getting a late start today. I must have been more tired than I knew, I slept till around 10am. My dogs were excited to see me. I thanked my hosts for their hospitality and told the leader of the village what I did at my village to protect it. He said “we will… Read more »