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Day 14

The snow finally stopped about noon. Everything around me looks like a winter wonderland. The ground is covered in snow and the water is all ice. This must have been a sudden storm there are still flowers sticking up. This must have been a huge snow storm I still have not hit the end of… Read more »

Day 13

After traveling through the night we hit the end of our boat ride. I hope we find a river soon the boat is a lot easier way to travel and much safer. We decided to stop and have breakfast since there were plenty of chickens on the beach. I now have some feathers to make… Read more »

Day 12

I was so excited to get my map that I woke up really early. The cartographer was not happy to see me at sunrise but once I pulled out all the emeralds his mood changed. I have packed what I think I need for the journey and am heading out. Everyone wished me well and I… Read more »

Day 11

I got an early start this morning I really want to finish the wall before dark so the village is protected. I find it really funny that none of the mobs can go over a waist high wall, except spiders they can climb of course. Amazing progress I finished the wall before noon. I am… Read more »

Day 10

The villager I rescued wants to trade me an iron shovel that has an efficiency of 5, and unbreaking. I was able to trade with other villagers to get the resources he wanted and now have my new shovel. This new shovel is great I am leveling a lot of the terrain around the village… Read more »