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Creating your own paintings

Go to your .minecraft directory (if you don’t know where that is, click the Start button and type %APPDATA% in the search bar, then click on the “.minecraft” folder). From here, go to the “versions” folder, open any folder inside (for example “1.8”), and open the .jar file inside with a zip archiver program (for… Read more »

Minecraft Steve's Journal Day 9

Day 9

It started raining last night. I love the sound of rain so I stayed up late working on my house and listening to the rain. While I was working I heard a commotion and went to investigate. A creeper had blown up part of a house in the village and a zombie was attacking the… Read more »

Questions from a parent about Minecraft.

A friend of mine has been thinking about getting Minecraft for her kids, but she had questions and when she started seeing me post on social media about this site she came to me to get some answers. What follows is that conversation with a few edits to take out names and personal info. Friend:… Read more »

Day 8

I feel amazing a good night sleep in a real bed in a real house made a huge difference. I am going to spend today working on my house. I want to add a fence and back door as well as plant some seeds I got from the melons and pumpkins. The people who live… Read more »

Day 7

This morning I awoke to a beautiful sunrise which I could easily see from my perch atop a tree. My wolves patiently stood guard all night at the base of the tree. I ate some of the meat I brought with me and started out. I really hope to find the end of this jungle… Read more »