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Day 6

This jungle is huge I traveled all night and still have not found the edge. I must be getting braver I took on a few of the skeletons and collected some bones, which I used to tame a couple of wolves. The wolves are great they chase the skeletons away for me. About noon I… Read more »

Day 5

A beautiful sunrise and clear skies. I packed what I think I need and am heading out to find a village I hope. I think I will head south today. I have been searching all day it is rough terrain this direction. I have found a lot of animals so I have more food to… Read more »

Day 4

Woke up to it still raining so I decided to cook up the rest of the meat I have and the iron I have. It around noon before the rain stopped so I guess I wont go out searching for a village yet I don’t want to get stuck outside at night. I decided to… Read more »

Day 3

I didn’t get much done on the stairs for mining I was too tired, thankfully my new bed made it so I got much needed sleep. Before I got too tired I was able to make some glass and a door so I can see what’s going on outside my house and keep everything outside…. Read more »

Day 2

I survived the night, but did not get any sleep. I used the night to expand the hole I dug in the hill nearby. I think this will be my home for a while it is nice and dry and easy to protect. The only noises I heard overnight were the cows and sheep so… Read more »