Category: “Steve’s” Journal

Day 41 Fighting the Wither

Today is the day. I hope to get the first item I need to stop the mobs forever and save the world. I hope the obsidian box is strong enough to contain the Wither. I only have 1 more skull to place and the wither will be made. I have to admit I am a… Read more »

Day 34-40

I got a good night sleep and grabbed some food. Now back to that terrible place. I hope this time I can complete my quest and get out of here forever. I seem to only be finding the Blazes which helps with the quest for the ender dragon but not for the wither. I don’t… Read more »

Day 33

I found a nether fortress, and I have killed several of the wither skeletons but no skulls yet. These wither skeletons are hard to find they only show up now and then. So far I have killed about 15 of them and have not gotten a single skull. I am getting low on food so… Read more »

Day 32

As much as I would like to stay here for a few more days to recover, I am driven to get back to work I cannot let my comfort keep me from doing what I can to stop these mobs and rescue as many people as possible. ┬áSo back to the nether I go. I… Read more »

Day 31

I got up this morning and can barely move I think every part of my body hurts the mobs in the Nether really did a number on me. I can’t believe I will have to go back there. I think I will give myself a little time to recover. I spoke to some friends of… Read more »