Category: “Steve’s” Journal

Day 22

I woke up early this morning well before sunrise. I want to get home today as early as possible, but the mobs are out in force so I am having to stick to the tree tops. As near as I can figure I have less than 500 meters to get home I am going to… Read more »

Day 21

I made up my mind to not stay down about the horse, and today is a new day so I will make the best of it. My friends at the village gave me a big breakfast, and I am back on the move maybe a little slower than normal because I’m so full. I made… Read more »

Day 20

We reached the end of the sea coming out in a different place than before because we tried sailing around to go as far as we could by sea. We made landfall and started traveling by foot again. I topped over a hill and found an interesting area of land where a Savannah, Plains, and… Read more »

Day 19

So today I am leaving the mansion. I really hate that I wasted so much time finding this and it did not help me at all. I will never forget this journey though and all the people I have met along the way. Oh well time to head home and start working on going to… Read more »

Day 18

I am excited and nervous both this morning. I camped outside the mansion last night, and am fixing to go inside. I have heard the stories about these places I hope at least part of them are not true. This could be really dangerous, but I will never know till I go in and check… Read more »