Category: “Steve’s” Journal

Day 17

I just found something amazing. I am in a mesa, and just found a minshaft that is partially on the surface. I decided to go inside and see what goodies are in there. The mineshaft was not very large, but it had a lot of gold ore so that was worth the stop. I found… Read more »

Day 16

I must not be the first person to travel here it seems like every day I keep finding villages. They were very nice to me. The landscape continues to flip back and forth between desert and lake or sea. I am back in my boat again. Wow this was a long boat ride we found… Read more »

Day 15

I am getting a late start today. I must have been more tired than I knew, I slept till around 10am. My dogs were excited to see me. I thanked my hosts for their hospitality and told the leader of the village what I did at my village to protect it. He said “we will… Read more »

Day 14

The snow finally stopped about noon. Everything around me looks like a winter wonderland. The ground is covered in snow and the water is all ice. This must have been a sudden storm there are still flowers sticking up. This must have been a huge snow storm I still have not hit the end of… Read more »

Day 13

After traveling through the night we hit the end of our boat ride. I hope we find a river soon the boat is a lot easier way to travel and much safer. We decided to stop and have breakfast since there were plenty of chickens on the beach. I now have some feathers to make… Read more »