Day 1

I was awakened by rain falling on me. I found myself at the edge of a forest on a beach with cows and sheep nearby. There is also a cave/ravine next to me. I have no clue how I got here the last thing I remember was seeing a news report that the infection is spreading. All over the world people are turning into zombies.  I vaguely remember something about my boat I wonder if that is how I got here, but if that is the case where is my boat now. There is no wreckage or signs of the boat.

From what I can see this area looks unpopulated I hope that means I wlll not run into the zombies or the strange creatures we call “Creepers” that showed up at the same time the infection started. I will have to start building shelter and find a way to protect myself just in case. I am glad I watched all those survival shows and read so much on surviving in the wild. I wish I had my go bag  but it does not seem to be anywhere near me.

I decided to get to work night would come long before I was ready.  I read somewhere that you can get wood from punching trees. I tried it and it worked, but my hands are really sore after doing it. I was able to make a crude wooden axe and cut down a whole tree so I have more wood. I also made a pickaxe out of some of the wood and was able to get some stone using it now I have a stone axe, pickaxe, and sword these will have to do till I find something stronger.

By then I was starting to get hungry so I used my new sword to kill a few of the cows and get some food, and gathered some reeds to make this journal so I can keep track of my thoughts and the days.

I still have to find a way to cook the meat I got from the cows. I remember from a video I saw how to build a furnace I can use to cook it, and I found some coal for the furnace and torches. I have to find somewhere safe for the night it is already getting dark out and I have no clue what could be around I think I will dig into the side of the hill for tonight to keep safe. Tomorrow I think I will check out the ravine and see if I can find some iron or something stronger than stone to make some tools from.

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