Day 11

I got an early start this morning I really want to finish the wall before dark so the village is protected. I find it really funny that none of the mobs can go over a waist high wall, except spiders they can climb of course.

Amazing progress I finished the wall before noon. I am going to start on the gardens in a little while, but for now I am taking a break because  I found out that one of the villagers is a cartographer so maybe I can get a map to one of hidden mansions. I hear they are haunted and dangerous, but a great place to find valuable resources.  I went and talked to the cartographer and he needs a lot of resources before he will give me the map. He also has a map to an ocean temple that could be useful. He wants emeralds and a compass for the maps. Thankfully I brought all the reeds from my old base and replanted the a while ago because almost every villager here seems to like paper, almost all of them are willing to give me emeralds for paper so for once in my life I am well prepared, those maps will be mine soon. I better get back to the gardens for now.

Whew after some hard work digging, tilling, and planting we have 6 new gardens and space for several more if we need them. I am really tired, but it is a good tired the village is protected and fed. I am going to finish getting my maps in the morning and then depending on how far it look I may head out for the mansion.

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