Day 12

I was so excited to get my map that I woke up really early. The cartographer was not happy to see me at sunrise but once I pulled out all the emeralds his mood changed. I have packed what I think I need for the journey and am heading out. Everyone wished me well and I told them I would be back, some of them seem to doubt that.

After traveling half the day I found another village, the people here were not as trusting. Some even seemed rude, so I moved on quickly. I hope I don’t regret it. The sun is already getting low in the sky it will be dark soon. I have to decide if I am going to keep moving or camp for the night. It may be safer to camp because the terrain is getting steep and rough, also I realized a little while ago I forgot my bow and arrows.

I am glad I decided to keep moving I found the edge of a sea. All that time owning a boat is coming in handy I built a small dugout boat and am continuing to travel tonight because the mobs can’t reach me in the water. My dog is great company on this trip, I hated to leave the others behind but I dont know what is ahead for us.


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