Day 13

After traveling through the night we hit the end of our boat ride. I hope we find a river soon the boat is a lot easier way to travel and much safer. We decided to stop and have breakfast since there were plenty of chickens on the beach. I now have some feathers to make arrows in case I get another bow.

We traveled all day without much to write about other than I now have another dog he saved me from a skeleton. Just as night started the rain started it was pouring. I decided to see if we could travel past it because we could not sleep with the cold rain hitting us. It almost cost my life, I went a short way and it turned into the worst snow storm I have ever been through. To make things worse there were tons of mobs out, including a strange type of skeleton that shot arrows that made me move slow. I have never been so thankful for sunrise. The snow is still coming down, but at least the mobs have retreated so its safe.


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