Day 14

The snow finally stopped about noon. Everything around me looks like a winter wonderland. The ground is covered in snow and the water is all ice. This must have been a sudden storm there are still flowers sticking up. This must have been a huge snow storm I still have not hit the end of the snow.

Finally just as dark was setting in I ran out of snow into another body of water so another boat ride. This one was short and ended at a desert. Such strange climate here from snow to a desert in about an hour. Thankfully I topped over a sand dune and spotted light not far off, I decided to investigate and found a village they asked me to stay the night and said it was not safe out in the desert at night. That is fine with me I need some human company and after 2 days and nights of staying on the move I need sleep. They are cooking supper for us right now and a couple of the villagers took my dogs for a bath and some food. They said if we were going into the desert in the morning we all needed rest and some tlc.

While waiting for supper and visiting with my wonderful hosts I pulled out my map and we figured how far I have traveled. As near as we could figure I have gone 3700m east and 1900m south. The map to the Mansion still show that I am a long way from it. They just brought the food so I am going to eat and go to sleep.

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