Day 15

I am getting a late start today. I must have been more tired than I knew, I slept till around 10am. My dogs were excited to see me. I thanked my hosts for their hospitality and told the leader of the village what I did at my village to protect it. He said “we will start those improvements today, thank you for the ideas.” We are now heading out fully rested and ready to resume our mission. When the time came to leave the dog I had picked up on this trip did not want to leave he seems happy with the family that took them in for the night, so I am leaving him “Barney” behind my faithful dog that started out with me “Fred” is still with me. Fred seems content to always stay by my side.

Thanks to a tip from one of the villagers we were able to skirt the desert and in a couple of hours hit another large body of water. Fred loves boat rides. I wish I had something to help me breath under water I see the top of an ocean monument and if the rumors are true they contain blocks of gold. Oh well guess we will keep moving. We found land after dark and again it was a desert, but this one had a temple and village both at the edge of the desert. I found 18 gold ingots, 2 emeralds, a saddle, and 2 gold apples in the temple. The village saved my life I found out why the last village said it was not safe in the desert at night, I almost did not make it to the village. When I shared my quest with these villagers they wanted to help me out. The blacksmith repaired all my gear and even upgraded it some. My new bow has something called infinity, he said it gives me unlimited arrows.

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