Day 16

I must not be the first person to travel here it seems like every day I keep finding villages. They were very nice to me. The landscape continues to flip back and forth between desert and lake or sea. I am back in my boat again.

Wow this was a long boat ride we found the next desert shortly before dark, and yet again I see a village, and another temple. I decided to hit the temple first and it was worth the stop I got a few more diamonds and diamond horse armor. Now if I just had a horse I have a saddle and armor for him lol. This village is actually in a savanaah and the villagers are not as friendly as the ones I’ve been meetings. They did let me use an empty house so I am safe.

I pulled out my map and found that I am almost straight north of the mansion now after traveling 6700m East. I hope to find it tomorrow. I have been thinking about my village. I wonder how everyone is doing.

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