Day 18

I am excited and nervous both this morning. I camped outside the mansion last night, and am fixing to go inside. I have heard the stories about these places I hope at least part of them are not true. This could be really dangerous, but I will never know till I go in and check it out. This should be no big deal, I mean how will I face the Enderdragon or the Wither if I can’t enter a possibly haunted mansions. Ok no more procrastinating.

The stories were not as untrue as I was hoping. At first everything was great I covered several rooms and did not find anything then I turned a corner and found a madman with an axe. I backed away from him and managed to keep enough distance to use my bow to take him out. I see another one down the hall but he has not seen me yet. I wonder what other nasty surprises this place has for me. I have not even made it to the second or third floor yet.

The bottom floor is clear there were a few more of the guys with axes and normal everyday mobs but nothing major yet. That was close. I just ran into a guy that somehow summoned what appeared to be ghosts. I am not sure if that is what they were I just know I got out of that room fast and one followed me, I was able to hit it with arrows from my bow. I am going to try to sneak back over and see if I can find out what is in there. I peaked in and he was on the other side of a huge room. I managed to take him out with my bow from long range without taking any damage, but the very next room had 2 of the axemen in it and one of them hit me once and took half of my health. So glad I had golden apples.

Someone must love to read half of the second floor is libraries. Interesting the second floor was libraries, but the third so far I have found 2 boxing rings. This place is huge, my whole village could live here. The second floor alone has 5 bedrooms with 9 beds between them, 3 dining rooms, 3 libraries, and 2 sitting rooms. Unfortunately other than a great appreiation for whoever built this mansion I have not found anything worth mentioning, except for 2 strange totems, and a couple of banners. It cost me a couple of the golden apples I had as I found that I seem to heal up quicker after eating one of them.

I think I will stay here tonight and in the morning start the long trip home. I am a little sad that I did not find anything really helpful, but all the villages I found along the way here did encourage me and strengthen my resolve to end this virus once and for all.

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