Day 2

I survived the night, but did not get any sleep. I used the night to expand the hole I dug in the hill nearby. I think this will be my home for a while it is nice and dry and easy to protect. The only noises I heard overnight were the cows and sheep so that is good. The front of my “home” faces the sunrise so that is a nice thing to see when starting the day.

I plan to checkout the ravine today. I feel much better after getting some food. The furnace I made works amazing, it’s even better than I could have hoped. I am getting an early start today since the rain cleared out.

I dug a trench from the water to the edge of the ravine so I could use the water to get up and down the ravine. The ravine was very helpful I found a lot of coal and even a few pieces of iron ore which I am using my furnace to smelt down so I can make something useful.

My Iron finished cooking I ended up with 11 pieces of iron that I was able to make into an iron pickaxe and some armor to protect my chest, it’s fairly heavy but I feel a lot safer.

Whew that was close. I guess the virus has mutated it no longer just turn humans into zombies but even after the zombies lose their flesh the Skeletons stay alive they are terrifying I just ran into 2 of them and they were even smart enough to use a bow and arrow, if it had not been for my new armor I would probably be dead. I have got to find more iron to protect the rest of my body this area is not as safe as I hoped. On a positive note the undead seem to disappear during the day, maybe they can’t handle the light.

Tonight I am going to start digging a stairway down from my cave to find more iron. I also need some sleep I am getting really tired I managed to get some wool so I can make a place to sleep. Just as I was heading back to my cave I found a big cave that one end drops into a deep ravine. I need to check it out but I heard the first Zombie I have heard since being here along with the rattle of one of the terrifying skeletons.

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