Day 20

We reached the end of the sea coming out in a different place than before because we tried sailing around to go as far as we could by sea. We made landfall and started traveling by foot again.

I topped over a hill and found an interesting area of land where a Savannah, Plains, and Desert all intersect. Split between the Savannah and Plains is a village. It looks like they have horses I am going to see if I can get one. I was able to get a beautiful black and white horse, he is incredibly fast. With my horse I have managed to cut 2 days of my trip because of the horse.

We reached the big sea and started across. I used a lead to guide the horse just as I have on all the rivers and small lakes, but this time it did not work somehow the lead broke, and my horse has vanished. I made it to shore and found my way back to the next village. I am kind of down about losing my horse I was planning to be home tomorrow but now it will take a little longer. I am going to stay here tonight.

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