Day 21

I made up my mind to not stay down about the horse, and today is a new day so I will make the best of it.

My friends at the village gave me a big breakfast, and I am back on the move maybe a little slower than normal because I’m so full. I made it through the desert and across the sea with no issues. I just found the area I went through the blizzard in. It is still covered in snow. I am going to try to rush through it so I don’t get caught here at night like last time. Whew I made it before dark. I came out of the snow into a forest and found several wolves so now I have 7 dogs with me. I almost died tonight I was running along and this tall slender black mob suddenly teleported to me and started attacking me. I barely survived and if it had not been for my dogs that kept lunging at him forcing him to teleport away, I would have been dead.

We continued through the night dodging mobs the whole night. Unfortunatly when the sun arose I realized I had gone too far East so now I am working my way south west. Another day and I should be home provided I don’t run into any problems.

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