Day 23

It felt great to sleep in my bed last night. It’s great to be home. I started to put away all the loot I brought home with me but quickly realized I need a few chests so I can start organizing my stuff.

Much better I build several more chests and got a lot of my stuff organized. While going through my stuff I found that I have almost enough obsidian to make a nether portal. I decided to use some lava I found on my journey and a bucket of water to make a cobblestone generator so I can build a trap just outside of town for the mobs, some of them carry items with them that they have randomly picked up. I am going to build a dark building that they can go into that has a hole in the floor that drops them far enough to kill them.

While working on my “dropper” I found an underground ravine that looks to have a lot of good stuff in it including an abandoned mine. I will check it out later after I get the dropper completed. I gathered as much cobblestone as I could from my cobblestone generator and started building the top part of the dropper. I am digging a trench on both sides of the hole 2 meters wide and 7 meters long. After finishing the trench I placed water in it only to find out the trench had to be 8 meters so I expanded it on both sides. The building itself 17x18x3 I did not go higher on the building because I did not want any of those strange tall guys the villagers call endermen to get in they are too tall to enter the building.

My dropper is already working some. I went to check on it and found a spider and a skeleton in it. The skeleton was in the water being pushed to the hole when I came in. He turned to try and shoot me but when he stopped moving to take aim the water pushed him in the hole. I call that a success. I think tomorrow I will check out the ravine and mine.

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