Day 29

I woke up this morning and it dawned on me that I have lava in my cobble generator that I can use to make the last of the obsidian I need to get to the nether. So today I will be leaving for the nether shortly. This time I am going to tell people where I will be and to come looking if I don’t come back soon.

I decided to build the portal in one of the abandoned houses outside the wall of the village that way if anything dangerous comes through the village will be safe. Ok here I go off on another adventure by myself. I don’t want to risk Fred or any of the other dogs. I hear the nether is a dangerous place. Whew I have always heard of the dangers of the nether but never expected this. I came through the portal to be standing on a cliff looking down into lava. I almost died, if I had not decided to stand still for a minute due to being disoriented by the portal I would have walked off the edge.

The stories I have heard of the strange pink zombies called “Pigmen” seem to be true, even though they are walking around with swords they are not trying to attack me. Hopefully it stays that way, and I hope to never find out if the stories about all of them attacking you if you attack one of them are true. This place really is terrifying. I keep hearing a pained cry that I don’t know what is making it. I just found out what was making the crying it is one of the legendary Ghasts they look like a white giant flying jellyfish. Thankfully the Ghast was looking the other way so did not see me. I have heard the legends and saw a drawing of one one time. The legend says they are easy to kill if you can hit them, but it also says they shoot some kind of fireballs at you if they see you.

I think the Ghast has moved on I am no longer hearing its pained screams. From what I have been told there are big buildings called fortresses in the nether that have the Blazes in them. The Blaze is similar to the Ghast in that it can fly and shoots fire, but I need a powder that can only be gotten by grinding down the rods that surround a Blaze. With that powder and the pearls the Endermen use to teleport I can make the eye of ender. I will need a few of the eye of ender to activate the portal and get to the Enderdragon.

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