Day 3

I didn’t get much done on the stairs for mining I was too tired, thankfully my new bed made it so I got much needed sleep. Before I got too tired I was able to make some glass and a door so I can see what’s going on outside my house and keep everything outside. I feel much better sleeping at night now. While I slept I left some of the iron I found in the entrance to the big cave in my furnace so this morning I have more iron to make more armor.

Now with my whole body covered in makeshift iron armor, and carrying the shield I was able to make with what was left, I feel a lot safer and think I will checkout the big cave from yesterday.

I did not have time today to write in my journal I spent the whole day in the big cave and it was way to busy to take time to write so I will catch up now. I found a ton of iron. I am planning to make an iron sword and axe. As much as I hate to risk it I am going to go search for more survivors and see if there is a village around to get resources since I am seeing zombies there almost has to be.

Just as I was getting ready to leave it started to rain. For some reason the “mobs” seem to come out worse at night and during rain so I will wait till the rain lets up. I wonder who came up with the term mob to use to describe the infected and creepers. I decided to expand my stairs to go deeper and see if I could find something stronger than iron while I wait for the rain to stop, while digging the stairs I started hearing water then a the rattle of one of the skeletons so decided to investigate. I found the cave they were in and killed the skeleton, and used some iron to make a bucket for the water. I once heard a story in my village that someone had invented something they called veinminer it allowed you to break all of one type of block in an area at once I wonder if it was true, if so I really wish I had it right now mining is tedious work without it but I think it would be easy if I had it. I need to be careful I am starting to day dream. I better see if I can get some sleep I hope the rain has stopped by morning I am not sure I can handle mining all day tomorrow.

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