Day 30

I have yet to find a fortress. This place is really hot and really lonely. I have gathered a lot of the Netherack which is what passes for dirt here, I am using it to make a bridge across the lava so I can find a fortress. This place seems to be all lava. I now understand why people say this place is like hell itself. With the Ghast flying around screaming all the time, the heat, an ocean of lava, and the loneliness of this place that is a great description of it.

Finally in the distance I see what looks to be some kind of structure I hope it is one of the fortresses and that there are Blazes there. I will know more in a while when I get there it is slow going due to having to build a bridge as I go. Yes it is a fortress now to get to it and build my way to the top of it.

I think one of the Ghast is stocking me I have been hearing it above me for hours, and have seen it a few times but every time I take aim with my bow it flies out of range. I made it to the fortress, and at the top I found a Blaze waiting. I killed it and suddenly there were 2 more then after killing them they keep just appearing around this cage looking box. After getting 9 of the Blaze rods I broke the box. There are more of the boxes nearby and the same thing is happening with them, they must be some kind of a box that attracts the blazes. I also found a few of the wither skeletons but none of them dropped their heads so I can make a wither.

That was strange I attacked and killed the Ghast but there were 2 more of them, I killed one and while fighting the other one a few of Blazes started attacking me. I was sure I was dead, but I suddenly woke up at home. I wondered if it was a dream but my armor has scorch marks, I smell like soot, and most importantly I still have everything I got in the nether. I have no idea how I got back here. I will ask my friends in the morning if they know anything, since it is the middle of the night I will wait till morning. I hate the thought but I will have to go back after I have some time to recover, I feel like 10 guys beat me up.


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