Day 31

I got up this morning and can barely move I think every part of my body hurts the mobs in the Nether really did a number on me. I can’t believe I will have to go back there. I think I will give myself a little time to recover.

I spoke to some friends of mine and they told me that what happened in the Nether with me showing back up at home is normal, you show back up at the last bed you slept in, with all your stuff. No one knows how it happens but, I am glad it does that will make things a lot easier.  I think I will stay around the house today and catch up with my friends. Maybe a little farming just to keep myself moving.

The farms produced huge crops. Enough to feed the village for a long time. We should not need to worry about food and we have plenty of water, so we could survive here indefinitely¬†without having to go outside the walls I built. That is not good enough though, there are too many other villages that are under siege from the mobs and don’t have our security. Until they are all safe I won’t be happy even if that means having to go back to the nether.

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