Day 32

As much as I would like to stay here for a few more days to recover, I am driven to get back to work I cannot let my comfort keep me from doing what I can to stop these mobs and rescue as many people as possible.  So back to the nether I go. I am really dreading this place. It’s still just as dark and terrible as I remember. I can’t find my path that I used to get to the fortress before so I am having to try and find another one.

I have managed to kill a few of the Ghasts this time and collected some of the glowstone. I really hope it doesn’t take days to find another fortress. It feels like I have been walking for weeks but I know its only been a few hours, the terrain here is really difficult.  I keep seeing dark shadows off in the distance and thinking its a fortress but instead it is just the darkness of this place. I am so glad the pigmen seem to ignore me there are so many of them there is no way I could survive if they attacked me.

I swear I have gone several thousand meters “today” Really I have no way of knowing if its been a day or several days. With as tired as I am I swear its been several days, but I cannot sleep here.

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