Day 33

I found a nether fortress, and I have killed several of the wither skeletons but no skulls yet. These wither skeletons are hard to find they only show up now and then. So far I have killed about 15 of them and have not gotten a single skull. I am getting low on food so may have to go back soon, if I do I am going to spend a couple of days getting food and resting up it feels like I have not slept in days. Wow that was amazing I just ran into 4 wither skeletons at once and they didn’t even touch me.

I almost fell off the top of the fortress so I am putting netherack around the edges of the fortress because it shows up against the darkness of the fortress so I can see the edges and not fall off. After getting about half of the top done I started getting fired on by a blaze who ended up doing exactly what I was trying to avoid. I only had a couple of seconds to think before I hit the lava and died and the last thing that went through my mind before showing back up in my bed was how much I hate this place. I can’t wait till I have all the skulls and never have to go back again. Oh well at least now I will be able to get some food and rest before trying again.

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