Day 34-40

I got a good night sleep and grabbed some food. Now back to that terrible place. I hope this time I can complete my quest and get out of here forever. I seem to only be finding the Blazes which helps with the quest for the ender dragon but not for the wither. I don’t have much else to report right now. I am just going to keep running back and forth on this fortress till I get them. I have had several close calls today the Blazes are easy to kill if you can get close enough to hit them but the fireballs they shoot make that tough.

I lost count after killing 180 wither skeletons but I now have enough skulls to summon 2 withers if I need to. For now I am going to work on preparing a place to fight 1. I think I will build a room from obsidian. I am going to jump back and forth from the nether to get the lava to build it. I think I have finally found a use for the nether it is a great source for lava. I am making good progress on the obsidian box for the wither. Only a few more trips back and forth and I will have it built. I have the box built but I am exhausted from running back and forth building it. So I am going to get a good night sleep and fight him tomorrow.

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