Day 4

Woke up to it still raining so I decided to cook up the rest of the meat I have and the iron I have. It around noon before the rain stopped so I guess I wont go out searching for a village yet I don’t want to get stuck outside at night. I decided to go mining and struck gold literally, I also found some redstone which I believe is used to make machines. I will have to experiment with it. I also found DIAMOND this can upgrade all my gear if I get enough of it. I only found 2 diamonds this time but at least I know I am deep enough to get them.

The cave suddenly got really dangerous I heard 2 skeletons and ran into them. I found out their arrows bounce off my shield and can be used to hit them with their own arrows at close range. While I was doing this to the 2 skeletons there suddenly appeared 3 creepers and 5 zombies, I ran back to my stairs but got turned around so I had to fight a few of them. I finally made it back out of the cave but my heart is racing. I think I will go to bed early and try to recover from the scare so I can get an early start tomorrow looking for a village.

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