Day 41 Fighting the Wither

Today is the day. I hope to get the first item I need to stop the mobs forever and save the world. I hope the obsidian box is strong enough to contain the Wither.

I only have 1 more skull to place and the wither will be made. I have to admit I am a little scared. This could be the greatest challenge of my life. I have talked to my friends in the village and they wished me luck except for one who asked me if I was out of my mind loosing a wither close to the village. I wonder, am I? Oh well only one thing left to do I am going to go for it at least I know that if I die I will be back in my bed. Unless the Wither destroys my bed, hmmm maybe this is a bad idea. Oh well I think the box will contain it.

Wow that was actually easy. The Wither was trapped in the box, I took out half of its health with my bow from outside then finished it with my sword from the entrance. It never even hit me. I was feeling so confident I decided to make a second one this time I did get hurt some by it but not much. I am feeling excited and ready to try the Ender Dragon now.  That will take a while though I have to find Endermen before I can do that.

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