Day 7

This morning I awoke to a beautiful sunrise which I could easily see from my perch atop a tree. My wolves patiently stood guard all night at the base of the tree. I ate some of the meat I brought with me and started out. I really hope to find the end of this jungle today, I have already been here for almost 2 days.

On a positive note I have found a lot of melons and some pumpkins. Finally after almost 2 and a half days I found the edge of the jungle, it opened out to a mountain range but it looks like there is a small valley I can use to get across. The valley was perfect it lead me through the mountains to some plains.

While searching the plains I finally found a village with people that are not infected hopefully it will stay uninfected. They even had some houses that are empty and gave me one of the biggest houses in the village, the entrance is up a ladder so there is no way for mobs to get in. I am looking forward to getting a good night sleep.

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