Day 8

I feel amazing a good night sleep in a real bed in a real house made a huge difference. I am going to spend today working on my house. I want to add a fence and back door as well as plant some seeds I got from the melons and pumpkins.

The people who live here are really friendly to outsiders, They are willing to trade with me, and they have given me permission to harvest as much food as I want from the gardens they have. They said it was the least they could do for someone who has spent a week in the wilderness surviving alone.

I completed the fence which looks a little strange right now because I had to use two types of wood to build them. I will get more wood and make it all look right later on, for now I just want to make sure it keeps everything out. It feels great having my stomach full and a comfortable place to live.

One of the villagers told me today that there is a way stop the infection and restore things to the way they were. He told me that to do it you need a dragon egg and a nether star. I feel I am meant to do this. It will be a great quest  but there is a lot to do between now and then.

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