Minecraft Steve's Journal Day 9

Day 9

It started raining last night. I love the sound of rain so I stayed up late working on my house and listening to the rain. While I was working I heard a commotion and went to investigate. A creeper had blown up part of a house in the village and a zombie was attacking the villager inside. I was able to kill the zombie and board up the hole in the wall. The villager was very thankful.

I gathered some sand to make glass to replace a window on the house that was attacked, and to add a couple of windows on my house. The villager that was attacked said that one of the skeletons shot an arrow that hit the creeper that was why it blew up, the zombie just happened to be close enough to see the villager after the hole was blown in the wall.

This cannot continue. I am going to start reinforcing the village and once it is secure I will start the quest to stop this infection forever. I gathered some stone to start building a wall as well as coal to make torches to put on the wall, and around the village to keep the mobs out.

I managed to finish working on my house I built a basement that I am going to use as a storage room.

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