Days 24-26

I decided to sleep in today before checking out the ravine. My bed was too comfortable I did not want to get up. I had a good breakfast before heading down to the ravine.

I did not even make it to the mine before finding a lot of iron, and DIAMONDS woot. I have a feeling today is going to be a great day. The mine is amazing I found a couple of golden apples, so much iron and gold, a few tunnels guarded by cave spiders, and a lot of rails I think I will use down the road. I think I am lost I was putting down torches to light the path back but this mine crisscrosses itself so much that I am not sure how to get back out. I am going to keep going a little way and see if I find anything else. I am not sure what time it is, its so easy to lose track of time down here without the sun.

I am definitely lost. It feels like I have been down here for days. I wish I would have told someone in the village to come find me if I was not back by a certain time. On a positive note I am still finding lots of iron and gold. It is slow going because there are so many mobs down here. I can understand why this mine was abandoned. I have been poisoned and almost died 3 times by the cave spiders, they are small and fast so hard to take out, and they tend to be in groups.

I have lost all track of time, but I am almost positive that more than one day has passed. I still have enough food left to last me a couple of days if I don’t waste my energy. This is harder than the long trip to the mansion, at least on the way to the mansion I had Fred, and I kept finding villages. I really wish I had not left Fred at home, I was just afraid he would get stuck down here or fall in lava. I have been daydreaming about killing the enderdragon and wither, and putting an end to this virus, at least I hope they are daydreams and not pipe dreams. I am beginning to wonder if I am going to be able to accomplish any of those tasks or if I am just going to die down here.

Finally I found my way out. I made it up my stairs and it is daytime. I found a friend in the village and he said he wondered where I was, because he had not seen me for 2 days. He also told me that the reason they abandoned the mine was because of the mobs, and because 5 people got lost and never returned .

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