Days 27-28

So I haven’t written in a couple of days, but after my adventure in the mine I decided to take a couple of days to recover. I was so tired I slept from my last entry till the next morning so half of the day and all night. I woke up famished because I slept through 3 meals.

The only thing I did today once I got up was check on the farms to see how they are, and answer a few questions about the mine because a lot of people in town have never seen it. I even ran into a couple of family members of the people lost in the mine years ago. They wanted to know if I found any sign of their lost family. I let them know that I did not see any bodies or signs of anyone alive down there, but that the mine is a huge place and it connects into a cave system. I think they were hoping for some closure. I wish I could have given it to them.

I have been thinking about going to the nether, but I am short one piece of obsidian to make the portal. I may have to go back down to the cave to get it. I’m not sure I am ready to go down to the caves again yet, if I do I am going to take signs and mark the way out. I am still tired from the last time and my whole body aches from all the digging and searching for a way out. I think I will go back to sleep and work on the portal tomorrow.

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