Players FAQ


Who is Notch

Notch is the creator of Minecraft, as well as its former lead developer. He was the Lead Developer for a long time, until on December 2, 2011 when he stepped down and gave developer Jeb the title of Lead Developer. Notch stated that he will not work on Minecraft any longer as he is testing his new coding skills on making different games. Notch later left Mojang after it was acquired by Microsoft.

Where can I get maps to play.
How do I play a map I downloaded.
You must place the folder containing your map in one of the following folders:
Windows: %appdata%\.minecraft\saves\
GNU/Linux: ~/.minecraft/saves/
Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves/
How can I drop items

You can drop an item in your hand by pressing Q. If you are in your inventory you can put the mouse over and item and press Q to drop a single item or Ctrl+Q to drop a stack of them.

What are the controls?
In minecraft, the “Controls” menu can be found in the “Options” menu. By default, these are:
  • W = forward
  • A = left
  • S = reverse
  • D = right
  • Space = jump
  • Left Shift = sneak
  • Left Ctrl = sprint
  • Tab ↹ = list players(for multiplayer)
  • E = inventory
  • T = talk/chat
  • Q = drop item
  • Esc = cancel

A two-button mouse is required for mouselook. In general, hold left mouse button to destroy blocks or punch Mobs, right-click to place blocks, activate certain blocks, or eat food. An alternative to Left Ctrl for sprinting is double-tapping the direction key. Sprinting can only be in forward direction.

How can I get a custom skin for my character?

To use a custom skin, you must first purchase the game. You can then go to your profile page on the Minecraft website, download the reference skin, edit it to your liking and finally upload your customized skin also at the preferences page.