Questions from a parent about Minecraft.

A friend of mine has been thinking about getting Minecraft for her kids, but she had questions and when she started seeing me post on social media about this site she came to me to get some answers. What follows is that conversation with a few edits to take out names and personal info.

Friend: What ages would you recommend for Minecraft? Is there one that is better than the rest? Please keep it simple, I am not that tech savvy.

wplead: It is rated for ages 10+, but I know kids that are 4-5 years old that play it and guys my age and older as well

Friend: Okay, well, I have a 4 year old. Almost 6. Soon to be 14 that would probably play…
wplead: If you get the 14 year old on it I have a server he can play on with myself and a couple of friends. As for the younger ones I would suggest more single player

Friend: What platform? Computer or? Ha. I know there are various ones.

wplead: Computer personally I think its the only way to go. Its easier to use and you can install as many mods as you want so if you get bored with game play you can add new content

Friend: Ok. Is that the free version? I can’t remember

wplead: No there is not.

Friend: So what is cost and do you have to have a license for each computer or laptop? Probably, huh?

wplead: Its licensed per user and right now it is $26.95 on their website

Friend: Each user meaning per household or actual user?

wplead: Only one person can log into an account at a time but if only one is playing it at a time you could use one.

Friend: Got it. Well, they can take turns, in theory. Ha.

wplead: I would start out with one license then if you had to you can get more:)

Friend: That could work. I have been thinking about it for awhile and then I saw you posted about it.

wplead: It’s like any game not everyone likes it. My wife can only handle it for a few minutes at a time for some reason it makes her dizzy

Friend: I think they would like it. But it is hard to say.

wplead: My facebook page and website will start having a lot more info too. I could help them with any questions.
I just got the domain and setup my site so got a lot of content to add.

Friend: Okay. Well, I will send them your way if they don’t understand. Just like we did when we were growing up, we understood technology quicker and faster than our parents did.

wplead: there is a lot to learn with minecraft

Friend: Hard stuff? Or just lots of little things?

wplead: Its mainly learning how to make items and there are mods that show you how to do it. I use one of those all the time because there are so many things you can build.

Friend: Yeah, he could do that. They love building stuff with legos, ha.

wplead: I bet they would love it then. I am the same way

Friend: Give them Legos or megablocks and I have peace and quiet. Hahahaha

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